MileHiCon 54 Vendors

The Vendor’s Room is Sold Out for MileHiCon 54 – here are the vendors who will be appearing at this year’s MileHiCon!

The Vendor’s Room is in the Rocky Mountain Ballroom

Friday 4pm–9pm

Saturday 10am–7pm

Sunday 10am–4pm

Booth #Booth NameVendor DescriptionVendorWebsite
11 - Who Else BooksWe have books, new and used, with an emphasis on regional authors and authors attending Mile Hi Con. Also, steampunk, vampire, and zombie books.  Who Else Books is a part of the Broadway Book Mall, a collective of eight passionate booksellers.    New location at 316 S. Broadway.  See our ad____insert location - ask Linda_______ .
22 - Geekify IncPart mad scientist laboratory and part creative workshop, Geekify is a merch-making company specializing in custom projects, product lines, and replicas. We work with authors, podcasts, content creators, game and film studios to create products for their customers, as well as producing geek goods of all kinds. Come shop our unique leatherbound books, cloth maps, gizmos, gadgets, novelties, and accessories for bringing a little bit more magic to your every day life!
33 - Pocket Size ChainmailChainmail creatures and creations, including octopi, dinosaurs, dragons, butterflies, and others, as necklaces, bracelets, pins, keyrings, hair accessories, and fidget toys. Chainmail is also embedded in resin to create pendants, trinket boxes, coasters, fidgets, and more.
44 - Fantasy and Sci-Fi Collide!Adam Gaffen is the creator of the Cassidyverse, a connected series of near-future LGBTQ-inclusive science fiction novels, novellas, and stories. Five novels comprise the main series, The Cassidy Chronicles. A new series, chronicling the missions of the TFS Pike, launched over the summer. In all, over a million words make up the universe, and he's writing more on any given day.

He's a student at ASU, working on a degree in Philosophy because why not? When he's not writing, he does home inspections and gardens. He and his wife live in southern Colorado with five dogs and five cats, and between them wonder where all the time goes.

His partner in the booth is Rachel Rener, a #1 Bestselling contemporary fantasy author who loves blurring the line between science and magic in all of her work.

She graduated from the University of Colorado after focusing on Psychology and Neuroscience. Since then, she has lived on three continents and has traveled to more than 40 countries.

When she's not engrossed in writing or reading, Rachel enjoys art of all kinds, riding her motorcycle, going to rock shows (both musical and mineralogical), Vulcanology (the lava kind as well as the pointy-eared variety), and playing D&D on the coolest podcast around, Of Dice and Friends.

She lives in Colorado along with her husband and a feisty umbrella cockatoo named Terrance (a.k.a “Jungle Chicken”) that hangs out on her shoulder as she writes – whether invited or not.
55 - Dryad TeaDryad Tea is your one stop tea shop. Providing hand-blended loose leaf teas inspired by music, mythology, literature and general geekery. Dryad Tea offers everything you need for a perfect cup of tea- just add hot water!
66 - Onyx ScalesOnyx Unikorn Resin Art and Jewelry -resin artwork and jewelry.

Scale Chain and Ring Designs - chainmail jewelry, accessories and outfits
77 - Pegasus PublishingPegasus Publishing has been providing the finest in fannish merchandise for 43 years. Currently offering screen printed and embroidered shirts and bags, fantasy giftwares, and Cthulhuania.
88 - Rockhound Studio / Beauty and the Beadshandmade jewelry, Rocks, crystals, rock art and Geode cracking
99 - Victorian Elegance JewelryKim Conrad and her company Victorian Elegance Jewelry have been creating award-winning designs for over 35 years. Featured in TV shows, art shows, fashion shows, and more she loves creating designs that have her client’s hearts sing. “Your jewelry is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen”, said one client. And “I have a lot of your things, but they need siblings so I’m back for more!” “If you want stand-out elegance – see Kim!” Come dive into her “Wonderland of Jewelry!” She even does custom orders right at the show!
For Kim’s show schedule and contact information go to her website
To see some samples go to She specializes in weddings and plus sizes too and is a renowned Photo Jewelry Specialist – taking your photographic treasures and turning them into memories to last a life-time as pendants, earrings, bracelets and keychains.
1010 - Dimension Board GamesDimension Board Games is an indie board game company founded in 2022 by two friends, Jack and Davis,  who met at business school. Their first game, Invasion: The Conquest of Kings, was released in April of this year.

Invasion is a military strategy board game. In a game of Invasion players compete to harvest resources, expand their kingdoms, grow their armies, and kill enemy kings. The first player to kill two kings win the game, but be wary for your king can fall just as easily.

Follow Dimension Board Games:


  • www.instagram/dimensionboardgames

1111 - Desert Rose DesignsColorado family owned business since 2002. Unique gifts and custom creations. Plushies, building sets, bags, resin and novelty items await.
1212 - Dozing Gnome MassageDozing Gnome Massage

Relaxing chair massage and reflexology
1313 - Fabriquewerx Studios/Wicked GiftsFABRIQUEWERX STUDIOS AND WICKED GIFTS offering unique Leathercraft accessories, quilted celestial panels, handmade men's (and women's) clothing, jewelry, fanaddict cloth household items, customized fan inspired shoes, fun feathered fascinators: a potpourri of handmade costumes, accessories, and interesting collectible items.
1414 - JaLa CreationsI sell a wide variety of hand - made jewelry
1515 - Sandy DiersingSandy Diersing aka msbeadsley
1616 - Winterhaven JewelryWinterhaven Jewelry has been inspiring the gaming community for over 20 years worth of experience and active participation in the Denver Metro area. Find something unique and sometimes super nerdy for everyday wear as well as special occasions. We specialize in the utilization of many metals in the weaving of chainmail.
1717 - The Mad TatterI create steampunk inspired Victorian tatted lace jewelry along with hair sticks, bracelets and other bits and bobs that catch my fancy.
1818 - Author GOH - Travis Heerman
1919 - Hammond WilliamWe bring things from your favorite fandoms to life via vinyl and embroidery
2020 - L.R. Braden & Wimsi DesignL.R. Braden is the bestselling author of the award-winning Magicsmith series, the spin-off novel Demon Riding Shotgun, and several works of short fiction. When not writing, she spends her time playing games with her family, enjoying the great outdoors, and weaving metal into intricate chain mail jewelry that she sells in her Etsy shop, Wimsi Design.
2121 - Unseen GalleryThe Snark Central division of Unseen Gallery provides the most sarcastic, stupid, and thought provoking buttons.

This is just a lure to bring you to magnets and art prints featuring the illustrations of Darla Hallmark.
2222 - Pure Imagination FactoryPure Imagination Factory specializes in customizable 3-D printed gifts featuring the exquisitely detailed dice towers of Fates End and the wonderfully nerdy figures and displays of Hex3D.
2323 - Pop Culture AbstractsPop Culture Abstracts
2424 - Wirth's Wand Shop

  • I hand craft wands using wood, antler, acrylics and metal. No two wands are alike, this truly allows the wand to choose you. "I make the wands so you can create the magic"

2525 - The Massage WizardYou are at Mile Hi Con! You don't need the normalities of life; geek out instead! And who better to help loosen those work aches, those leg knots, and free you from the norm than The Massage Wizard?

Reset Before the Con

Get a chair massage early Friday to loosen up for the weekend.

Recover During

Instead of just a chair massage, book a table massage to your hotel room!

Relax After

And if you missed out or can't get enough, book a table session delivered to your home after!

But How?

Book a chair massage for the whole weekend at or call/text 720-295-8131.
Book a table massage during or after at or also call/text 720-295-8131!
2626 - BTS Chocolates

Come to the Dark Side.. of Chocolate

BTS Chocolate

Where decadence is its own reward.

Offering gourmet quality gluten free chocolates sweetened only with honey or agave nectar. Simple ingredients, divine satisfaction. What could be better? A spoon! A friend to share with!

Come taste it. You know you want to.

2727 - Art by Jim RinehartI am a local Colorado artist that makes paper cut art. I make magnets of characters from many genres including Movies/TV, video games, horror, anime and Comics. I can also do custom pieces if requested. I also have some resin products.
2828 - Age of AetherAge of Aether is the historical steampunk fantasy role-playing game! Set in a world where rapier wielding duelists and musket-armed grenadiers mingle with spell-slinging mages,, the old monarchies struggle to hold on to their power in the face of overseas exploration, industrialization, and enlightenment thinking. Play as pirates, princes, or other ne'er-do-wells in an age of flintlocks, sorcery, and steam! Age of Aether's unique mechanics combine a progressive step-die system with decoupled skills and attributes, keeping the action fast and and easy to learn without sacrificing that satisfying "crunch." Full rulebooks, accessories, and exclusive d2 coins are all available.
2929 - Honest Harry's Used Weapons, Widgets, and Whatnot.Costumes, props, and accessories for Steam Punk and Sci Fi.
3030 - Peter SartucciPeter Sartucci - Local Colorado author of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Alternate History.
3131 - GoldendragonflyTalk about variety! Patty of the Golden Dragonfly is herself an artist, and the wares she chooses to display reflect that talent. She has an abundant selection of jewelry to appeal to Celtic, Native American and garden variety senses. Magical headdresses to charm and delight you! Bags with or without fringe; with or without beads, shells and stones; small ones, medium ones, large ones; cloth, leather and the color selection is outstanding!

Patty always has something new and unique to delight the eye and the spirit! A talented needlewoman with a wondrous imagination, Patty creates gorgeous costumes and ritual clothing, including stunning cloaks.NEW POD HATS Pictues coming

Patty takes her caravan wherever the wind blows her. Like a good Dragonfly, she and her baroque belongings bring the golden sunshine of a delightful encounter to everyone, where ever she goes, at very reasonable prices. What more can you possibly ask for?You could ask for Classes please check out my new Classes( Leather Doctor Plague Mask Class)
3232 - Whimsical Whiskers

Whimsical Whiskers creates unique snuggly, cuddly, friendly, adorable plush stuffed animals. Each animal is a certified Dream Guardian — defender from nightmares, keeper of secrets, soother of anxiety, and reminder of self worth. The dragons, dragon foxes and dragon bunnies are here to remind you how special and wonderful you are.

These cuddle companions are always ready to play and dress up. Some are just the right size to travel in your pocket on a keychain, and some are bigger, for hugs, cuddles and love.
3333 - CuriositiesHome of the Curiosities anthology series, short fiction curated for the retropunk palate. Often dark, always curious. We also carry a selection of wild harvested items from the magical Taos mesa.
3434 - Creating Meraki StudiosBrooke is the artist/owner of Creating Meraki Studios and is a Colorado native who enjoys finding inspiration for her artwork in a number of mediums. From photography to textiles to traditional and digital illustration to ceramics and sculpture, her biggest inspiration is finding a light in the darkness and sharing that through her work.
3535 - Hatchling-Industries.comHatchling Industries does printed images on shirts and bags. Primarily fairy tale, fantasy and sci-fi themed memes and public domain images.
3636 - K.J’s JerkyColorado based small jerky business, brought about to bring amazing jerky to everyone!
Seven great flavours!
Garlic Basil
Spicy Teriyaki
Mango Habanero
3737 - Little Nerdery Shop & Stitches by Candle LightCuriosity Gifts presents
Stitches by Candle Light - Cross Stitch Charts and Kits at affordable prices. All pieces are designed by Fey (owner president)
Little Nerdery Shop - Nerd-Themed Cross Stitch Charts, all designed by Fey and easy to read!
Custom, hand made polyhedral/D&D dice, ready to play; All dice are hand poured, hand polished, and hand painted.
Custom, hand-made Pip D6/six-sided dice, ready to play; All dice are hand poured, hand polished, and hand painted.
Custom, hand made dominoes, double-12 with racks and markers for Mexican Train - includes a carrying bag.
3838 - Kirin GamesKirin Games has been active in Colorado Gaming for many years. The owner Chris has been gaming most of his life and has been involved in playing, play-testing, designing, and selling games for over 40 years. Kirin Games carries Board Games, Card Games, RPGs, CCGs, Collectible Miniature games and much more. A regular at many of Denver's gaming conventions Kirin Games is recognized as a friendly and knowledgeable source for your gaming needs.
3939 - Toastmaster - Kevin J. Anderson
4040 - Chris Mandeville - AuthorChris Mandeville is a Colorado author who writes science fiction/fantasy (both adult and YA) and nonfiction for writers. Her published works include the "In Real Time" time travel trilogy (Quake, Shake, and Break), Seeds: a Post-apocalyptic Adventure, and 52 Ways to Get Unstuck: Exercises to Break Through Writer's Block. She also has stories published in three anthologies: Eat, Drink, and Be Wary, Undercurrents, and Particular Passages.
4141 - Ashelon PublishingAshelon Publishing meshes steampunk and fantasy to create works of art and stories that are unique and culturally diverse. Award-winning artist Chaz Kemp creates beautiful steam-nouveau art that can be seen in prints, on book covers, on gaming tools and in a 52-card oracle deck. Award-winning author Carolyn Kay writes steampunk/fantasy stories within the world of Ashelon, bringing the world, and Chaz’s art to life.
4242 - WolfSinger PublicationsWolfSinger Publications is a small press publisher based in Colorado. We offer a variety of books as well as bookmarks and the occasional wolf plush. Stop by and visit.