Submission Guidelines

For all programming inquiries, please email

For 2024's BYO Panel program, please submit your proposal here by October 14th, 2024.

Panel/Program Idea Submission - General

Have an idea for a panel or program you’d like to see at MileHiCon--whether or not you want to be involved? Maybe a panel you think a Guest of Honor would be great on, or a science topic you’d like to hear about? We are always accepting ideas. 

Note: The above is for panel/program ideas to be included in the participant questionnaire. Panelists are selected by programming.

Program Proposal - Participant

In addition to a range of general interest panels, MileHiCon also schedules programs and presentations on science, art, costuming and other relevant topics. Participants are invited to propose programs that they have special expertise in that would be of interest to MileHiCon attendees--from astronomy to life drawing. 

Please note that a proposal for a solo presentation on a writing or publishing topic is less likely to be selected as there are often multiple applications for solo presentations on the same topic and many qualified participants interested in speaking on these subjects.

Program Proposal - Fannish

Fannish topics are also of interest to attendees. In addition to panels scheduled via the questionnaire, there will be some programming slots for forums, roundtables and other programs. Some examples might be a Doctor Who trivia contest, a gathering/discussion for fans of Firefly / Supernatural / MST3K, karaoke, a roundtable with various local Star Trek fan groups talking about their activities, Regency dancing, etc. 

What’s Acceptable and When

We run panels and programs from morning to late night.  While no individual program proposal is guaranteed acceptance, we do schedule a wide variety of panel types, including those targeted toward children and adults. Panels will be scheduled at times appropriate for their content and target audience. Being flexible about possible days and times increases the options to schedule your program.

Panels suitable for adult-only audiences will be scheduled after 9 p.m. Attendees at the door will be carded to ensure only those 18 years or older can attend, so panels can—within reason—explore themes of violence and sexual content with an age-appropriate audience.

When submitting your panel/program proposal, please include information about who you think the target audience is and any restrictions on scheduling (e.g., not on Friday afternoon, after 9 p.m.).

How Panels are Scheduled

Once a panel/program idea is submitted, it will be considered for acceptance by the MHC programming committee.  Acceptance of a topic does not guarantee participation on the panel or moderating the panel.

General submission ideas may be added to the questionnaire and will be scheduled if there is sufficient interest and space on the schedule.

Participant program proposals on specialty topics may be accepted and scheduled on the basis of available space and providing a variety of topics and programming items for attendees. If your program is accepted, you will be notified by someone on the programming committee. 

Fannish program proposals will be accepted and scheduled on the basis of available space and providing a variety of topics and programming items for attendees.

The usual panel/program timeslot is 50 minutes. There will be at least a 10 minute buffer between panels so that panelists have time to set up beforehand/tear down afterwards, or get to their next program on time. Some programming items may be considered to run longer on a case by case basis. Note: There are fewer opportunities to schedule longer programs, especially during peak programming hours (10 a.m.–6 p.m.).

All events are tentative and subject to change

This year's schedule will be posted in October.