Should you be advertising in the MileHiCon 51 progress reports and/or program book? Does your business rely on science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature, gaming, and hobby fans? If the answer is yes, then we have your target market and at advertising rates you won’t believe. The MileHiCon 51 progress reports will be both printed and e-mailed to over 4000 potential customers.  The MileHiCon 51 convention program book will be printed in a magazine format in black and white with a color cover only. Each of the attendees will receive one copy of the program book.

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Advertising Deadline:  TBA


Inside Front Full Cover $375  
Inside Back Full Cover $300  
Inside Body Full Page $250  
Half Page $145  
1/4 Page $110  
1/8 Page $ 90  
1/16 Page $ 50  
E-Mail Banner Add $110  

Call for more info: 720-234-7829

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Convention and Event Sponsorships also available. Contact Linda at for more information.

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