Do you have what it takes…to be a Geeqateer?

“Geeqateer … what’s that?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked! A Geeqateer is a special attendee of MileHiCon. A Geeqateer is someone who loves MileHiCon and what it does and wants our event to continue running for years yet to come. These are the special few who step forward and take that heartfelt desire to help and use it to take on a wide variety of tasks, volunteering, staffing and steering the convention on our tribe’s trip into the future of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror literature and media!

Geeqateers have a quest in their heart, burning brightly. Our department is proud to welcome anyone that wishes to start their journey, as well as those who have taken the road less traveled in earlier times.

Think of being a Geeqateer as the force of the show, binding the MileHiCon universe together, both light and dark sides – seen and unseen. We take on a wide variety of tasks for the flagship MileHiCon – starting the Thursday beforehand and winding down the Monday morning afterwards. Potential sidequests include helping out at registration, helping panel moderators remain on time, catching cosplayers, and almost anything and everything in-between. Each of these tasks (and more) are the purview, responsibility, and privilege of Geeqateers.

The Geeqateer department can be found in our little hobbit hole in the Pinon boardroom on the ground floor.

Some loot you can look forward to unlocking as a Geeqateer:

After 8 hours of convention work, you’re eligible to receive a MileHiCon staff t-shirt. Quantities are limited and sizes do run out, so turn in your hours early. If you don’t want or can’t get a shirt, we do offer alternatives (discount voucher for future events or more raffle tickets).

This year’s T-Shirt:

After you level up past 8 hours, you receive a raffle ticket for each hour as a Geeqateer — up to a maximum of 25 tickets. If you reach the maximum, consider talking to a ConCom member about joining their department next year to receive staff class member perks!

Sunday evening after most of the event is packed up, we gather for our Reward Raffle. (Time varies – for specifics check the Geeqateer board.) The raffle is presented with a light sense of humor and all our welcome to observe. “What happens at the MileHiCon Raffle stays at the MileHiCon Raffle… usually.“

A Few Basic Reminders:

  • You must be an attendee of the convention with a valid badge to be a Geeqateer.
  • Convention rules apply to all Geeqateers, whatever your class, just like all attendees.
  • Track your hours to receive rewards for the time you’ve worked. Time cards must be initialed by a ConCom class member wearing a ribbon that identifies them as such.
  • Most of all, have a great time! We want to make sure everyone enjoys the experience we create.

Set off on your quest and visit Geeqateer central on the first floor in the Pinon boardroom straight across from the stairs heading up to the mezzanine.