MileHiCon 55 Masquerade Rules & Guidelines

Suspension of Virtual Masquerade This Year: As there were no entries for the virtual masquerade last year, it is being suspended for MileHiCon 55.

More Costumes/Cosplay!

You can submit photos to the Cosplay Gallery year-round! Send them to . Appropriate categories/types of costumes to share:

  1. past MileHiCon costumes
  2. costumes from other conventions
  3. kids costumes, including original Halloween costumes even if not absolutely genre—i.e., no Spiderman costumes from Target but a home-made waffle iron outfit, sure!

Send good images, 300dpi by preference, but not huge files. Please include any identification and/or photo credit you want displayed with the image, and up to 50 words noting special brag-worthy features of the costume. ?