MileHiCon 53 Masquerade Winners

More Costumes/Cosplay!

Even though the convention is now over, you can still always submit photos to the Cosplay Gallery. Feel free to send them to

  1. past MileHiCon costumes – display only 
  2. costumes from other conventions – display only 
  3. kids costumes, including original Halloween costumes even if not absolutely genre—i.e., no Spiderman costumes from Target but a home-made waffle iron outfit, sure!

Send good images, 300dpi by preference, but not huge files. Please include any identification and/or photo credit you want displayed with the image, and up to 50 words noting special brag-worthy features of the costume. 😉

Appropriate masquerade/cosplay costumes for MileHiCon, and other general guidelines

The MileHiCon Masquerade/Cosplay Contest is for creations derived from and inspired by science fiction, fantasy (high/urban/other), horror, mythology, anime, steampunk, comics, mythology, theater, cyberpunk, media, history, and assorted other realms of the imagination. Fannish puns and shaggy-dog joke costumes, if the presentation is kept short, are also fine.

You may enter the masquerade individually and also as part of a duo/group if you do so in another costume/character and logistics permit. 

Costumes that have won a major award at a previous MileHiCon are not permitted to compete again. (But submit pictures for the gallery!)

Store-bought or rented costumes are not eligible. However, a purchased prop will not be prohibited. (On the other hand, you don’t get the brownie points for being able to say you made the whole thing.)

Presentation and Submission Guidelines (including crucial technical stuff for virtual)

Awards: Masquerade entries—both virtual and IRL–will be judged on the individual merits of the costume and its presentation. The number of entries will influence how many awards will be given, but at a minimum there will be a Best Costume and Best Presentation Award for both competitions. We also may be able to set up a system to permit online voting (via smartphone) for an Audience Choice Award even if we are IRL.  

Presuming we can have an in-person convention, the virtual masquerade will be shown while the IRL masquerade is being judged. Awards will be given for each competition. Note: You can compete in both the virtual and IRL masquerade, but not with the same costume. 

Mature and Other Content Guidelines: MileHiCon is a family-friendly and inclusive convention, so keep that in mind. We are sticking with PG … maybe PG-13. If you have questions and don’t want to be edited or asked to re-do things, again … contact me at

Live Animals, Weapons, Pyrotechnics, and Other Effects: These are still prohibited on the live stage, but you can always enter the virtual masquerade and it’s your living room and backyard, so feel free to go crazy! Just remember that MileHiCon will neither bail you out nor testify on your behalf at the HOA meeting.

Submitting Images or Video for the Virtual Masquerade

If stills rather than video works best for you, we can use the Ken Burns pan over, dissolve, etc. style.  Please send at least five (5) images from different angles and in different poses to show off the costume; you can also submit more and we’ll pick the best for the presentation.

Landscape is best, but if you have a really good vertical picture we can make it work. The higher the resolution the better the result; minimum 100dpi and preferably higher. Tiff is better than jpeg if possible, but we can work with other formats.

For video, three minutes or less is optimal, with a maximum of four minutes if the presentation requires it. Overlong videos will be edited. Remember—short and tightly scripted is better than longer and rambling, and decent sound quality is crucial!

Shoot videos in landscape/horizontal orientation. 

Quicktime (.mov) format is ideal; please avoid .mp4, .wmv, or .mxf. We can work with other formats, but they require a lengthy conversion process and there’s usually loss of quality.

30 or 29.97 frames per second is fairly standard; most phones or cameras will probably default to that. If necessary, adjustments will be made in Final Cut.

For resolution, the higher the better, 1080p is ideal. Aspect ratio should be 16:9 (iPhone at least defaults to this). Other ratios may require some cropping.

If you have music you want to accompany the images or video, you can include that either as a file or a link. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: as the masquerade/cosplay will be online all music MUST BE public domain, creative commons, or something you have permission to use (include some kind of documentation). YouTube has been known to pull videos and stop livestreams if their bots recognize copyrighted music, so we can’t be flexible on this.

Virtual Entry Deadline

All virtual masquerade entries (video and still) need to be submitted by midnight on (Sunday, September 5) so our tech person has enough time to cut everything together and troubleshoot anything unexpected.  Sending them earlier may result in extra loving care being taken with your segment. 😉

Submit Entries Here: