MileHiCon 55 T-Shirt Artwork

Print for MileHiCon 55's T-Shirt

Left is Artist Guest of Honor Peri Charlifu’s design for the Mile Hi Con 55 T-Shirt!  You can order the T-Shirt by going to Registration.  People can pay online and will be able to pick up their shirt at MHC 55.  There will be a limited number of shirts available, so order now!

MileHiCon 52 Regress Report Available

The MileHiCon 52 Regress Report–not a program book but serving some of the same functions–will be/is available for download from the con website, free of charge. This publication, as all my work on behalf of MileHiCon over the years has been, was a labor of love and certainly not done for the (non-existent) money. However, if you enjoy reading/having it, please consider making a small donation to MileHiCon via the Donate button on the home page of the website—or at the con. This year will be a tricky one financially and I for one will do whatever I can to make sure the con continues on. Hope you will too! – Rose Beetem

MHC 52 Regress Report (1)