MileHiCon 54 At the Door Prices

Adult (12+) 3-Day$56.00 (USD)  
Child (6-11) 3-Day$28.00 (USD)  
5 & Under$0.00 (USD)  
Adult 2-Day Friday-Saturday$40.00 (USD)  
Child 2-Day Friday-Saturday$20.00 (USD)  
Adult 2-Day Saturday-Sunday$42.00 (USD)  
Child 2-Day Saturday-Sunday$21.00 (USD)  
Adult Friday Only$20.00 (USD)  
Child Friday Only$10.00 (USD)  
Adult Saturday Only$24.00 (USD)  
Child Saturday Only$12.00 (USD)  
Adult Sunday Only$22.00 (USD)  
Child Sunday Only$11.00 (USD)  
Exhibitor’s Hall Only$7.00 (USD)  
Critter Crunch Only$5.00 (USD)

MileHiCon 54 + Avistrum At the Door Prices

Avistrum Adult 3-Day$64.00 (USD)  
Avistrum Child 3-Day$32.00 (USD)  
Avistrum Chaperone 3-Day$15.00 (USD)  
Avistrum Adult Single Day$24.00 (USD)  
Avistrum Child Single Day$12.00 (USD)  
Avistrum Chaperone Single Day$10.00 (USD)  
5 & Under$0.00 (USD)  

MileHiCon 54 Critter Crunch Entries

2 lb Critter Entry$7.00 (USD)  
20 lb Critter Entry$12.00 (USD)