Art Show

MileHi Con 54’s art show is filled with immense talent, and unique 2-d and 3-d art! Please come and visit us in The Rocky Mountain Ballroom. Some of the amazing artists who are showing this year include the following:

Abranda IcleAbranda is a full time free-lance illustrator working out of her home studio in Oswego, Illinois. She specializes in whimsical and mythical fantasy working in watercolor, ink, graphite, and some digital mediums.  Her work focuses on whimsical storytelling with hints of romantic dreaminess.
Alternate Realities StudioBlair has been doing art in one form or another most of his life. It started with photography in the 4th grade, and over the years he has added in 3D computer art & polymer clay sculpting to his repertoire. He has been showing his work in various convention art shows consistantly since around 2012, as well as participating as a panelist. \n\nBlair does all his own matting, and also photographs both his & his wife Mitzi's sculptures. Blair lives in Colorado with his lovely wife of 30+ years and fellow artist, Mitzi, and their feline overlords Koda and Sparo.\n\nYou can find his art at, on Instagram as alternate_realities_studio and on Twitter as @Blair_ARStudio.
Amy GriswoldAmy Griswold is a professional tailor and fiber artist with over 35 years in the trade. She specializes in custom work and loves to recreate clothing and accessories from the past with a modern twist. She digitizes original embroidery designs and those used in Victorian times to give her Thinking Caps, modern take on Victorian Smoking Hats, and other accessories a Victorian flair using modern machine embroidery techniques.
Arden Ellen NixonHello! I am Arden Ellen Nixon, and I will be your charmingly awkward artist this evening. It is my sincerest wish for my paintings to find the beauty in the dark--as with my extensive \"Make-Shift Angel\" series--the silly in the sublime, and the humanity shared by the creatures and the world around us.
Ari MorganHello, my name is Ari Morgan! I am a rather lazy artist, an MMO player, a stalwart enemy of ham, and a coffee addict.\n\nI love fantasy-especially elves! I love anime/manga and spooky things.\n\nI quite like very cute things, as well. One of my friends describes me as Disney goes\nto the cemetery. 
Betsy MottAfter nine years of college and two Master's degrees (English Literature and Theatre)\n Betsy Mott decided she wanted to be a professional artist. For over 40 years her\n media portrait and techno drawings, cosmic & fantasy miniatures have been seen in science fiction art shows all over the country. Her work can be seen on the Landmark , Great Warrior, and Great Space Ships series of published note cards, on CDs, Webzines, books, websites, and in personal collections around the world. She has been featured in a PBS Northwest Profiles segment. She is a fourth generation native of Spokane, a Mensan, and a lifetime member of the Mayflower Society.\nAs part owner she helps her brother and sister run The Corner Door Fountain and Books in Historic downtown Millwood, WA, where, her fully furnished, if somewhat cluttered, art studio is located. Her hobbies include Role Playing Games, kayaking, researching obscure subjects, and playing trumpet in local pit orchestras and wind ensembles.\n E-Mail:
Beverly Pfeifer
Brenna Deutchman
Brianne Russell
Brooke LydickBrooke is the artist/owner of Creating Meraki Studios and is a Colorado native who enjoys finding inspiration for her artwork in a number of mediums. From photography to textiles to traditional and digital illustration to ceramics and sculpture, her biggest inspiration is finding a light in the darkness and sharing that through her work.
Chaz KempBram Stoker Award finalist Chaz Kemp embraces a dynamic watercolor style that incorporates vibrancy and color into fantasy, steampunk and cyberpunk art in a way that is rarely seen. As a freelance illustrator, the influence of Alphonse Mucha is evident in his award-winning work that combines the artistic energy of the Roaring 20s with the untamed diversity of the modern era.  His current project is the steampunk/fantasy world called Ashelon, which he created with his wife and award-winning author, Carolyn Kay. You can find Chaz online at:
Craig GriswoldSince 2016, Craig Griswold has made unique leather-work and sells it primary at convention-based art shows in Colorado Springs and Denver.
David Martin
Ed PostNerd artist and photographer - computer evolved images, blinking LEDs, solar eclipses....
Elizabeth LeggettElizabeth Leggett is a Hugo award-winning illustrator whose work focuses on soulful, human moments-in-time that combine ambiguous interpretation and curiosity with realism.
Emilie BryntesonI am primarily a traditional and digital artist, but I've dabbled in a little of everything! Painting, sculpting, costume making, plushies, promotional designs, and more! I love creating with my hands and telling stories through my art. By doing so I hope to reawaken people's childhood imaginations, bring them to places of adventure and excitement, for I believe we never really stop being children.
Guild PerilousThe Guild Perilous\n\nFrom Wikipedia:  \"In Arthurian legend, the Siege Perilous is a vacant seat at the Round Table reserved for the knight who would one day be successful in the quest for the Holy Grail.\"\n\nThe Guild Perilous is an autonomous collective of cranky perimenopausal GenXers trying to use up their arts and craft supplies before buying more. An impossible task, much like the quest for the Holy Grail.\n\nEach of us has different skills and different interests. Individually, we don't quite have enough work to fill a whole table, but together, we are VOLTRON. No, wait, together we are the Guild Perilous. Our pieces include fiber art, fabric art, metalwork, beaded work, custom signs, and items both practical and fanciful.\n\nOur hope is to have some fun, to bring something new and different to the art show that convention members might not have seen before, and to maybe pay off our bar tab.\n\nThank you for reading. We hope you like our things.\n\n(The Guild Perilous are Leanne Neathery-Wise, Wendy Neathery-Wise, and Carrie Vaughn)\n\n \n\nVinum Nobis Eme
Jane LabieI've been a professional artist for 50yrs. After injuring my back, which made painting large canvases not possible, doing art work that was small became a way to still be creative. I then began making jewelry which I have been doing since 1999. (I still was able to paint off & on until 2004 when I had my 1st of 2 major back surgeries). I have a B.F.A. & M.F.A in Fine Art -- Majors were painting & drawing plus fiber arts &ceramics. My focus has always been the natural world with a special love for the \"patterns & subtle colors\" in mountains, rocks, rivers, and forests. That is why I moved to Denver in 1986 (although I grew up in NYC). I needed to be close to the Rockies where I go as often as I can for inspiration.
Jim Humble
Julie NakaoHello all, I am Julie Nakao and I am a local quilter.  I have recently decided to sell my quilts and other handmade items, and see if anyone else would like some of the geeky things I do.  Looking forward to seeing you around at local conventions.
KC Lancaster

I’ve been involved in art professionally since 1992. During that time, I’ve created murals, signs, computer graphics, costuming, fine art and illustration for publication in Collectible Card Games and Roleplaying Games, as well as working several years as an Art Director. I’ve been published in print and online.\nAfter working as both a staff artist and self-employed artist, I’m employed as a graphic designer in desktop publishing. As a fine artist, I enjoy creating paintings for sale in shows and by commission.\nI currently specialize in pet portraits, fantasy images, and Japanese ukiyo-e and shin hanga illustration.


More info can be found at:\nCommissions are Welcome!\nPricing varies depending on design complexity and level of detail.\nPlease feel free to contact me via email at or text at 720.301.5600!

Knight Forged CreationsKnight William has found an extended passion for working with leather. Primarily catering to the TTRPG Community. All of his items are hand worked and made with care. He enjoys working on fundraisers for local charities and enjoys sharing his knowledge of Bootblacking with anybody with a desire to learn. He is a firm believer in follow your heart, trust your sole. He is also the 2017 Colorado Bootblack and 2nd runner up for 2018 International MR. Bootblack.
Kyle Crutcher
Lindsay SoukupI am a huge science fiction/fantasy fan, mostly of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek. I love being able to bring the characters and scenes to life by using my art!
Little Nerdery Shop & Stitches by Candle LightCuriosity Gifts presents\nStitches by Candle Light - Cross Stitch Charts and Kits at affordable prices. All pieces are designed by Fey (owner president)\nLittle Nerdery Shop - Dice and Nerd-Themed Cross Stitch Charts, all handmade and ready to play!
Mad OdinMad Odin is a wandmaker of unparalleled skill. Hidden away in the Arizona desert, he weaves his magic with wood and other materials to make high-quality, one-of-a-kind wands and other wooden treasures. His creations can only be found at select art shows and craft fairs, so if you come across his wands in the wild, you are very lucky indeed.
Mary Munroe
Michael and Patricia BreenStained glass window hangings
Michael CarrollJournalist, lecturer and artist Michael Carroll has over thirty books in print. He has written for dozens of magazines worldwide. His most recent non-fiction book is Envisioning Exoplanets (Smithsonian), and his fourth science fiction novel is Plato’s Labyrinth: Dinosaurs, Ancient Greeks and Time Travelers.\n\n            Carroll is a Fellow and founding member of the International Association for the Astronomical Arts. He has done work for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His art has appeared in several hundred magazines throughout the world, including SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, TIME, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, SKY & TELESCOPE, ASIMOV’S, SMITHSONIAN, and ASTRONOMY. In the 2015/16 season, he explored Antarctica’s active volcano, Mt Erebus, to study analogs of ice moons there. One of his is on the surface of Mars—in digital form—aboard the Phoenix spacecraft. He is the recipient of the Lucien Rudaux award for lifetime achievement in the astronomical arts, and the Tiny Tennies award for meritorious bungling.
mikeyzartI create unique imaginative Characters, Creatures, and Places - Fantasy, SciFi, and Whimsical.\nI have been a professional artist for over 3 decades, appeared in books and magazines, taught classes and workshops across the country , and have sold over 13,000 works of art!\n\nI am a founding member of the Convention Artists Guild (CO Chapter,) and a charter alumnus of both the Aristides Classical Atelier and the Roger Dean School of Art Online.\nI live in the Denver Metro area (Colorado USA)\n\nHere are my website and social media links:\n\n
Mitzi Bartlett
Paracord PantryI'm a paracordist and tablet weaver that creates beautiful lanyards, wrist lanyards, and bracelets.  Each one comes with a charm and one of my created tags with awesome geeky/nerdy/horror titles.  Paracord Pantry/Tablet Weave Pantry is proud to bring you these handmade items made with love.... and lots of string.
Peri CharlifuPeri Charlifu\nAbout the artist and the work\n\tPeri Charlifu is a Colorado Artist who has been selling his work professionally for over 40+ years. He has won dozens of awards and is founder and Primus for the Convention Artists Guild and founding member of Stoneleaf potters guild. He is a full time artist and participates in between 30-40 shows a year, all over the country! \n\tHis work is exhibited and sold all over the United States as well as several countries. To date he has produced over 75,000 pieces. His work is available for special order and at art shows only. \n\tPeri has been teaching workshop and classes for over 35 years and has experience with adults as well as teens and children. He is also a graphic artist and his prints and original works can be seen on his website! \n\tYou can check out his web site at or visit him on Facebook, to look at his work, see what he is up to and to place an order. FaceBook: Peri Charlifu - Aegean Goods
Rachael MayoRachael Mayo is a fantasy and SF artist from the Kansas City, Missouri area. She earned a BFA in Illustration from University of Central Missouri in 1999. She considers art her foremost hobby and spends most hours outside of her day job designing fantastically detailed dragons and other creatures.  Prismacolor pencils are her favorite medium, but she likes to mix it up with ink, watercolor, acrylic, fancy paper, layering, and 3-D inclusions.  Rachael has also published four coloring books, the Dragon Adventure series, that feature her detailed designs.
Rebecca Lickiss
Robert Hay
Robert Pfeifer
Rubiee Tallyn HayesRubiee is a renaissance Pooka who sings, writes, is the Tea Maven and Main Mud Slinger of Dryad Tea. It is said that her mischievous grin, and bright laugh herald her arrival. She owns Dryad Tea and Dryad Pottery, where her art is available for purchase. Find her most often in Art Shows, the Vendor hall or online.
Sandra SanTaraVisionary, symbolic tribal, Erotic male pin up and wildlife art created on panel, drums, and feathers.\nSold as originals, prints, talismans and jewelry.\nEmotional Support Plush critters
Sandy Diersing
Sarah ClemensSarah is best known for her award winning paintings of Magnus & Loki, the cat and dragon companions, which have been the most fun to paint of all her fantastic creations. She also paints fantastic creatures on stone slabs. Sarah works in a photo-real style, in oils and acrylics. Sarah and her husband and cats and terrariums and carnivorous plants live in Mesa, Arizona.
Taliacyn ChildsTaliacyn Childs is a ceramic artist from Denver, Colorado, who graduated in 2022 from Colorado Mesa University with a BFA with a focus in Ceramics. She grew up focused on performing arts but found a love for ceramics at Front Range Community College in 2017 while taking concurrent enrollment courses. For the following 6 semesters she took ceramics classes and volunteered in the studio. This passion led her to continue her education in Grand Junction, Colorado expanding her knowledge and skills to include printmaking, painting, and sculpture. She seeks to be a working artist, traveling and bringing accessible functional art to as many people as possible.
teresa monetteTracy Monette is a textile artist with decades of experience working with fabric and beads.  Drawing on years of global travel and an appreciation for many cultures, she enjoys experimenting with different mediums and patterns to create truly unique  pieces.  Polished, intricate and with a dash of whimsy, La Fontaine is sure to delight.
Theresa MatherTheresa Mather's artwork explores a wide range of the fantasy bestiary, from traditional fauna like dragons, gryphons and unicorns to unusual versions of the pets lurking within our own homes, keeping their true nature hidden from us. She studied art at the University of California at Santa Cruz and the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and now resides in the red rock country of southern Utah, where she enjoys hiking and exploring when she isn't painting or drawing. Her website can be found at