2021 Participant

Aaron Michael Ritchey read A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs in the third grade, and at that moment, he wanted to be a writer. He’s pursued that dream for decades, and now he is the author of forty-one novels under various pen names.In 2012, he got his first contract for The Never Prayer, and since he’s written eight other well-received young adult novels, including the award-winning Long Live the Suicide King. The first three books of The Juniper Wars series have all been nominated for InD’Tale Magazine’s YA Speculative Fiction novel of the year. The first book, Armageddon Girls, was a Dragon Award Finalist.Aaron then branched out into fantasy and science fiction. His first project with Baen Books is The Cunning Man series, co-written with DJ Butler. The first two books are available at your local Barnes & Noble. His novel, Sages of the Underpass, won the Independent Audiobook Award for best fantasy in 2021.Lately, Aaron has teamed up with Shadow Alley Press’s, James A. Hunter to write The Shadowcroft Academy for Dungeons: Year One. It’s like Harry Potter, if Harry Potter was studying to become a heroic mushroom dungeon.Aaron lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters but frequently travels to writers conferences and comic cons across the U.S., selling books, meeting fans, and collecting pen names.Visit his website at www.aaronmritchey.com and he just loves Facebook. Find him at aaron.m.ritchey.