Travis Heermann

Photo of Travis Heerman

Author, filmmaker, screenwriter, poker player, poet, biker, Travis Heermann is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, an Active member of SFWA and the HWA, and the author of the Shinjuku Shadows series, Ronin Trilogy, The Hammer Falls, and other novels. His more than thirty short stories appear in Amazing Monster TalesApex Magazine, Tales to Terrify, and othersHis freelance work includes a metric ton of contributions to such game properties as the Firefly Roleplaying Game, Legend of Five Rings, EVE Online, and BattleTech, for which he’s been nominated for a Scribe Award.

In 2021, he launched a film production company, Bear Paw Films LLC. Its first project was a horror comedy short film called Demon for Hire, which debuted in 2022.

He enjoys cycling, collecting martial arts styles and belts, torturing young minds with otherworldly ideas, and monsters of every flavor, especially those with a soft, creamy center.


Twitter: @TravisHeermann