Author’s Row for MileHiCon 54

Be sure to visit these authors who will be selling their books in the Evergreen Foyer during MileHiCon 54!

A.L. KesslerA.L. Kessler is a Colorado Author who is known for her Here Witchy Witchy series. As a urban fantasy and paranormal author, Kessler loves to spin stories to amuse the masses. She can be bribed to leave her office with gifts of coffee and chocolate.
Stephanie A GillisStephanie Gillis is the author of the modern fantasy series The Ashport Archives among other works. She is the youtuber known as Qwordy making videos writing, reading, and all things literary and some other shenanigans sprinkled in. A former opera singer, Japanese teacher, and dog trainer, Stephanie Gillis is a jack of all trade and dork extraordinaire.
The Ashport Archives is a complete four book series that follows the story of Leaven Connolly, a girl forced into the world of vampires, demons, and monsters galore that will do anything to get into her ancestral home where the legendary Phoenix is said to be kept. Along with a ghost, half-demon, vampire, warlock, an exiled fairy, and a teenaged werewolf, Leaven will join the fight in protecting her home and protecting the world from its undoing.
Harms PublicationsWe are two brothers creating a new universe of Children's Books and Illustrated Novels. Our goal is to create books that focus on love, kindness, excitement, and imagination. We hope to bring engaging and exciting stories to readers of every age!
Our book lineup includes our children's picture book collection, with heartwarming and colorful stories for young readers. Our epic Illustrated sci-fi adventure novel series for young adults and up. These books offer action, drama, and comedy for all! As well as our line of gothic mystery novellas for older readers looking for a strange and exciting new journey.
Natli VanDerWerken/ Zenith Star PublishingNatli VanDerWerken loves Dragons. She collected 30 of them from around the world while serving in the Navy as a meteorologist.

Natli is an award-winning author whose works include Red Dragon’s Keep and WindRunner. She is currently working on DreamWalker, the third book in her pentalogy. The main character in each book is based on one of her grandchildren.

Natli has an MS in Computer Information Systems. She has worked in the military, government, political and non-profit sectors. After more than 30 years in these fields, she used her writing and storytelling skills to create The Dragon’s Children novels, published by Zenith Star Publishing, LLC. She is a website designer, quilter, gardener, and shows Shetland Sheepdogs. She also likes jumping out of perfectly good planes.

Find her at
DX Varos PublishingDX Varos Publishing is a Denver-based publisher of exquisite fiction. What is meant by exquisite? The best example is that many of our titles are winners of various writing awards. We publish all genres of fiction, including several sci-fi/fantasy titles. In 2022, DX Varos also acquired Thursday Night Press, another Denver-based company as a new imprint.
Kendra Merritt

Books have been Kendra's escape for as long as she can remember. She used to hide fantasy novels behind her government textbook in high school, and she wrote most of her first novel during a semester of college algebra.

Older and wiser now (but just as nerdy) she writes retellings of fairytales with main characters who have disabilities and D&D inspired comedic fantasy. If she's not writing, she's reading, and if she's not reading, she's playing video games.

She lives in Denver with her very tall husband, their book loving progeny, and a lazy black monster masquerading as a service dog.

KM Merritt is her pen name for her comedic fantasy.
Jon Gray LangBorn on the other side of the world in the wondrous land of Oz, I have since settled just shy of the soaring peaks of the Rockies.  Along my life’s journey, I’ve written a handful of screenplays, shot a few films and even been an actor.  I’m still pretty handy with a sword, not too shabby on a pair of skis and I can bang out a tune on a ukulele.  With such an odd set of skills, writing books seemed the perfect fit.  I bit the bullet back in 2014 and published the Matilda in 2018.  The fifth and final one, waltzing Matilda is set to be released in late 2022.

The Matilda series takes place far off in the future in a distant part of the galaxy, where the Consortium controls the human colonies held together by the jump gates.  Where the Consortium doesn’t hold sway, crime flourishes.  Through the use of a hellish engine that goes where no one should, the crew of the Matilda slips its way between the two.  But nothing has gone smoothly after they broke out one of their own off a prison ship.

Fighting their way past shadowy government agencies and a dangerous crime lord; monstrosities from an unknown layer of the universe seem dead set to break through into ours.

When their pasts come back to haunt them, can Jacquotte Delahaye and her crew of misfits come together as they are attacked from all sides?  Will the galaxy work hand in hand with them to survive the alien onslaught?
W.J. Cherf/Foxbat PublishingW.J. Cherf is the far-ranging fiction author of four series of eighteen books. In short, something for nearly everyone.

The six books of the award-winning historical science fiction series, The Manuscripts of the Richards’ Trust, poses this question: “In order to preserve the present, should it intrude upon the past?” Generously cloaked in historical narrative, you will end up asking yourself, “what is actual fact and what is not.”

The paranormal series, The Adventures of J.J. Stone, chronicle the life and times of a U.S. Marine, who discovers the real conflict that matters is between good and evil. Your worldview will change after reading these four books.

Adventures in Paranormal Archaeology is about a sensitive Austrian Egyptologist, who finds out that magic is real. This revelation causes the Vatican to hire him as one of their own psychic researchers.

The four books of the series, Twenty-Fourth Century Mercenaries, follow the exploits of explosively dynamic men and women. These brokered and certified mercenaries fill the societal role of “extraordinary facilitators.” In short, they take on tasks, “that no one else dares to do.”

All of these books are available as either eBooks or paperbacks from Non-Kindle eBook versions are available from Free chapter samples are available on Reviews can be found on Amazon.

Cherf is a card-carrying ancient historian and archaeologist, who like all good authors, writes about what he knows and has experienced.
Rogue Publishing, LTDRogue Publishing is home to awesomely funny and rip-roaring adventures across the galaxy. Diverse crews finding adventure even when they don't want it.

Rogue Publishing produces the Space Rogues, Grand Human Empire, and Expedition Inc. series'
Tricia CopelandTricia believes magic infuses every aspect of our lives, whether it is the magic of falling in love, discovering a new passion, a beautiful sunset, or a book that transports us to another world. She aims to write stories that show what can be achieved when one dedicates themselves to finding their own brand of magic. 2020 Readers’ Choice Gold Award Winner and 2019 Colorado Independent Publishers Association Winner for fantasy, Tricia has over fifteen published novels. An avid runner and Georgia native, she now lives with her family and four-legged friends in Colorado. You can find all her titles from fantasy, dystopian, and contemporary romance at
BMW the AuthorBenjamin M. Weilert is a multi-genre writer from Colorado Springs who writes whatever stories pop into his head. So far, he has written a YA science fantasy trilogy, a memoir about climbing the 14ers with his father, a movie guidebook, a children's picture book, and a plausible hard sci-fi. This also doesn't cover the dozens of short stories he's written over the years as well. He is on a mission to write something in every genre...eventually.
Lija Fisher

Lija Fisher writes humorous adventure novels for kids. Her debut novel, The Cryptid Catcher, was published by Farrar, Straus & Giroux. The book received a starred review from Booklist and was a Junior Library Guild selection. Her follow-up novel, The Cryptid Keeper, was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award in juvenile literature and was written while Lija was a Writer in Residence with the Aspen Words/Catto Shaw Foundation. She holds a BFA in Performance Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder and travels the country speaking at schools, libraries and Bigfoot conferences about Cryptozoology for Kids, or the search (and discovery) of legendary animals.
CrossGuard Publishing (Jarod Meyer)Jarod Meyer was born in 1987 in Eastern Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State University Jarod began his career in retail management and eventually made his way to the financial industry via Wells Fargo. His career in finance has backed his dream of becoming a published author, and in October of 2015 he released his first science fiction/fantasy novel "William of Archonia: Redemption" which can be found i. The Ingram catalog and available all over the world.

Redemption is part of a four part series which has been fully published. A prequel story is also available online for kindle, kindle unlimited or trade paperback. Wholesale options available for literary outlets via the Ingram catalog.
Matthew S. RotundoMatthew S. Rotundo is the author of the Prison World Revolt series--Petra, Petra Released, and Petra Rising.

His short fiction has appeared in Alembical 3, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Writers of the Future Volume XXV. He graduated from the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 1998.

Matt also plays guitar and has been known to sing karaoke. He lives in Nebraska, and assures you that he has heard all the jokes.
Cheryl Carpinello, Tales & LegendsI'm a lover of mythology, myths, legends, and tales from the ancient/medieval worlds, and how all of these have transcended time and space into our world today. The myths and legends don't fade away. They are just repackaged for a new audience. As a high school English teacher, I continually challenged my students to find connections between today and times long gone by. Some took more digging than others, but the connections were always there. One of my favorites, Star Wars, borrows several concepts from the Legend of King Arthur. The Star Trek series goes even further back into the mythology of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt as well as others.

I write Arthurian Legend for young readers and teens (I never refuse to let mature readers enjoy my stories!). These stories exhibit what I consider to be cornerstones of that Legend: Honor, Loyalty, and Friendship. My tales from Egypt and my new series Feathers of the Phoenix meld the ancient/medieval worlds with today. The Atlantean Horse (Book 1 of Feathers of the Phoenix) also brings forth the Four Horsemen of the Acropolis out of the Bible and into the modern world. They and my main characters are after the feathers of the Phoenix in order to bring Atlantis alive again. It is scheduled to be out in late May 2022.

I hope you'll stop by, look at my books, try to pull the Sword out of the Stone, and take your picture with my unicorn!

P.S. I believe in magic and Unicorns!!
Jonathan BrooksJonathan Brooks has published over 50 books in the LitRPG and Dungeon Core genre since 2017.  He currently lives in Colorado with his wife and young daughter, who has just recently started to read voraciously in the same genre that he writes.
O.E. Tearmann

O.E. Tearmann is the author of the Aces High, Jokers Wild series. Their books include strong themes of diversity and found family, providing a surprisingly hopeful take on a dystopian future. Bringing their own experiences as a marginalized author together with flawed but genuine characters, Tearmann’s work has been described as “Firefly for the dystopian genre.” Publisher’s Weekly called it “a lovely paean to the healing power of respectful personal connections among comrades, friends, and lovers.”

Tearmann lives in Colorado with two cats, their partner, and the belief that individuals can make humanity better through small actions. They are a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, the Colorado Resistance Writers and the Queer Scifi group. In their spare time, they teach workshops about writing GLTBQ characters, speak and plant gardens to encourage sustainable agricultural practices, and play too many video games.
Robert G. WilliscroftDr. Robert G. Williscroft is a retired submarine officer, deep-sea and saturation diver, scientist, author, and a lifelong adventurer. He spent 22 months underwater, a year in the equatorial Pacific, three years in the Arctic ice pack, and a year at the Geographic South Pole. He holds degrees in Marine Physics and Meteorology and a doctorate for developing a system to protect SCUBA divers in contaminated water. A prolific author of both non-fiction, submarine technothrillers, and hard science fiction, he lives in Centennial, Colorado.

Dr. Williscroft is a member of Colorado Author’s League, Independent Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors, Science Fiction Writers of America, Libertarian Futurist Society, Los Angeles Adventurers’ Club, Mensa, Military Officer’s Association, American Legion, and the NRA, and now spends most of his time writing his next book, speaking to various regional groups, and hanging out with the girl of his dreams, Jill, and her two cats.
Grant Street PublishingJason always wanted to be a writer, he just didn’t know it. He grew up in Southern California and taught high school social studies after college until he got married and moved to Denver in 2004. Since 2012 Jason has had over a dozen short stories and essays published, ran an online magazine, and became a regular panelist at local conventions. He blogs regularly on his own website and newsletter. The Whimsycon Anthology was published March 2nd, 2018, giving Jason his first editorial credit. His debut novel, The Gallowglass, was published in July of 2019. Since then he has published three other novels of historical fiction and one collection of short stories.