2021 Artist Guest of Honor

Rebecca Hicks is an independent writer and illustrator who makes quirky art for joyful misfits of all ages. The creator of the Little Vampires books (since 2007) and webcomic (since 2009), she was awarded the 2018 SYFY Fan Creator Award at San Diego Comic-Con International for that work. She has self-published seven books featuring monsters and animals. Her most recent book, The Little Vampires are Confused About Bats, was funded through Kickstarter and named a Kickstarter Project We Love. Her art focus ranges from the Little Vampires and their monster friends, to Professor Fuzzyface and other anthropomorphic animals with encouraging and educational words of wisdom. She has created a variety of merchandise based on her characters, including handmade magnets, stickers, pins, and plush toys. She created her own line of nail wraps with Espionage Cosmetics, and has created several pieces of jewelry with Optimystical Studios. Her writing has been published in Ahoy Comics, and her illustrations have appeared on the cover of San Diego City Beat, in charity art books, and on album covers and promotional materials for independent geek musicians like The Doubleclicks and The Faithful Sidekicks. She also directed and illustrated a music video for the Megathruster song Weird Al Rules. Since she began her career as an independent artist, she has exhibited, been a guest at, and spoken on panels at many Comic, Horror, and Science Fiction conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con International, Emerald City Comic Con, and Geek Girl Con. She has also been a guest at reading and film festivals across the United States, and given numerous art and writing presentations in schools. Her past as a teacher has afforded her a way of connecting with her audiences as she speaks about art, business, monsters, geek life, and more. Rebecca can currently be found live streaming on Twitch twice weekly, with The Sketch Spa on Sunday mornings (where her time as a teacher shines through in the gentle way she leads viewers through drawing exercises) and Live Art & Trivia on Monday evenings. She writes her own trivia questions covering a wide range of geeky topics. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived in Stanton, Kentucky, and San Diego, California. She now lives in Beaverton, Oregon (which is sadly lacking in actual beavers), with her husband James.