Load-In Window Survey

    We have 42 Vendors scheduled for MileHiCon this year and to help avoid traffic jams we want to put together a staggered load-in schedule. Please answer the questions below to help us build out a strong plan.

    If you do not have a preference we will assign times based on booth size and location. Defaults will be:

    • 10x18 booth : 7 hours
    • 10x12 booth : 6 hours
    • 10x10 booth : 5 hours
    • 6x12 double-table : 4 hours
    • 6x6 table : 3 hours

    1. 7654321No preference
    2. NoYes
    3. 3:00pm2:00pm1:00pm12:00pm11:00am10:00am