Literacy Auction Items Available for Bid

Collection of promotional materials, cards, etc from various sci fi and horror movies. Basket
Lot of 8 baseball caps, promotional from movies and breweries. : John Miller
Collection of 7 Starlog magazines
2 8x10 Richard Hatch photos, one autographed
Vince Flynn novels, 1 hardcover and 3 paperback : Westside Books
6 Gabrielle Faust books, signed : Gabrielle Faust
5 adventure books Basket : Westside Books
ARC of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin : Carol Berg
The Deserter new hardcover by Nelson DeMille and Alex DeMille
Classic Science Fiction book bundle : John Miller
2 5x7 limited edition prints matted to 8x10 by Mike Kloepfer. Sarge, #11/100. French Resistance, #12/100
Thriller book bundle, 3 books : Westside Books
3 acrylic paintings by Angel Dey Basket : Angel Dey
4 inspirational books
Woman’s Empowerment book bundle
Machi Koro board game : The Gaming Goat
Dragon book bundle : Lorelei Bowman
Assorted T-shirts’ Women’s L breaking bad Men’s XL DCC 2013 crew Men’s XL Guy Fawkes shirt Men’s XL Star Wars Celebration shirt Men’s XL Obey shirt Women’s XL Endless shirt Men’s XL Glowing House shirt Cirque du Soleil S/M sweatshirt : Becca Feiner
Acrylic painting
Anime magazines
: Old Firehouse Books
Complete Star Wars coaster set exclusive from Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge, Disney World : Ian Brazee-Cannon
Disney Parks exclusive Mickey Mouse Celebration Sipper : Lorelei Bowman
Empire/Rebel Japanese ink painting by Seven Stars, Robert Hay : Robert Hay
Set of Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Souvenir Coke bottles exclusive to Disney Parks. Basket : Lorelei Bowman
Winnie the Pooh 2 little golden books, 2 pop up books, 2 hand puppets : Lorelei Bowman
Beginning Readers books : Lorelei Bowman
Original Watercolor painting by local artist Stewart Erlich : Stewart Erlich
4 New in package Buffy the Vampire Slayer cars Basket? : Lorelei Bowman
Dragon Dice children’s board game ages 3 and up : Lorelei Bowman
Klingon Bird of Prey toy with lights and sounds : Rick Chatwell
Vintage 90’s Star Shooter with discs and box : Lorelei Bowman
Peter Pan Puzzle : Westside Books
Battlestar Galactica 2004 complete series DVD Boxed set : Lorelei Bowman
India artwork bundle : Prema Shakti
Children’s classics book bundle Basket : Various
“Elven Mirror” by Judy King Rieniets signed and numbered : Anonymous
Star Trek The Lost Years audio book : Lorelei Bowman
Framed large print Star Trek TOS The Voyage Home : Steve Cooligan
Large Star Trek TOS caricature print framed, all series : Steve Cooligan
Star Trek TNG large framed caricature print : Steve Cooligan
Star Trek the Motion Picture cast photo : Steve Cooligan
Star Trek enterprise large framed print : Steve Cooligan
Star Trek enterprise small framed print : Steve Cooligan
Spock and Kirk framed BW photo : Steve Cooligan
7 Starland magazines : Steve Cooligan
Paperbacks $1 each : John Jackson
Quick sale books hardcover $2 each : John Jackson
Babylon 5 Season 3 dvd set : Robert Pechmann
Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub by R. Ch. Garcia, and Bookmark : Rudy Garcia
Young child bundle - Dr Seuss books, games, and Spider-Man truck Basket : Christine Pence
Autographed Dreaming Down Under anthology autographed by both editors : Mark Levy
Second autographed Dreaming Down Under anthology : Mark Levy
The Best of Connie Willis, autographed : Mark Levy
Collection of 4 anthologies with 4 autographs : Mark Levy
The Best of Pamela Sargent, autographed : Mark Levy
The Best of Nancy Kress hardcover : Mark Levy
Blasphemy by Mike Resnick hardcover : Mark Levy
The Best of Frederick Pohl hardcover : Mark Levy
The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume 6 : Mark Levy
Nebula Award Winners 30, autographed : Mark Levy
The Hugo Winners Volume 5 : Mark Levy
The Best of Cordwainer Smith hardcover : Mark Levy
The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016 : Mark Levy
The Time Machine Series : Mark Levy
I Shudder at your Touch anthology : Mark Levy
Fu-Manchu books 2 paperback : Mark Levy
2 Doc Savage books : Mark Levy
2 David Duncan paperbacks : Mark Levy
Larry Niven 3 books : Mark Levy
Sharyn McCrumb 2 books : Mark Levy
Edgar Rice Burroughs bundle : Mark Levy
A Logic Named Joe by Murray Leinster : Mark Levy
Harlan Ellison 3 books : Mark Levy
Heinlein boxed set : Mark Levy
Star Trek boxed set : Mark Levy
The Making of Star Trek Book : Mark Levy
Asimov 2 paperbacks : Mark Levy
Carl Sagan Contact : Mark Levy
Shadows Gods and Demons anthology : Mark Levy
Classic anthology bundle 9 books : Mark Levy
Beer Bundle - two books and a pint glass : Brittany Roy
Young Readers bundle books : Lorelei Bowman
QUICK SALE 50 cents each science fiction magazines : Mark Levy
: Jessica Garramone Thrifty Gryphon
Graphic novel Daredevil Typhoids Kiss : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Monster of Frankenstein : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Marvel Zombies : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Captain Marvel : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel The Punisher : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Howard the Duck : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Young Marvel : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel All New X-men : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Ultimate Spider-Man : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel ultimate comics Spider-Man : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Spider-Man the fantastic Spider-Man : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Doctor Strange : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Guardians Team up : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel Black Widow : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel web warriors : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novels Deadpool secret wars and Deadpool vs carnage : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel ultimates : Charles Rozanski
Graphic novel civil war : Charles Rozanski
Q portrait signed, unknown artist : Chelsea Schumacher
Hawk feather painting : Chelsea Schumacher
Dragon pencil drawing : Chelsea Schumacher
2 beer books, mug Basket : Lorelei Bowman
Cigar magazines Cigars Basket
Collection of Star Wars beginning/early readers books : Lorelei Bowman
Reading Dragon crochet : Jennifer Riegel
TMNT turtle shell cosplay with weapons holders : Gnarly Toybox
Two Wicked anthology books : Ken Vaughan
Two Wicked anthologies : Ken Vaughan
Anthology The Five Senses of Horror and Nox Pareidolia : Ken Vaughan
Lovecraftian fairy tales anthology Twice upon an Apocalypse : Ken Vaughan
Unfair board game plus expansion : Game Train USA
Prisma Arena : Game Train USA
Coffee tumbler Game Train USA : Game Train USA