October 23-24-25, 2020

Adriana Carlson

Adriana Carlson grew up in the wilds of a wheat field where she could sit on her bike and have the wind push her for miles without setting a toe on the peddles. She now lives in the shadow of a mountain with fairies in her backyard and not the giggling flower type of fairy. More of the mischievous, camera-stealing, nose-picking, ornery, ankle-biter type. When she's not catching fairies or writing, she's crafting pictures and videos for clientele with very good taste. Her fantasy series, The Story Weaver Chronicles features strong women, layered fairytales, and girls in wolf's clothing.

Alastair Mayer

Alastair Meyer

Alastair Mayer is a near-ancient British-Canadian-American who has haunted MileHiCon for decades. Before his kids sapped all his energy, he was a pilot, scuba diver, astronaut candidate, space activist, and probably other things he doesn't remember.

A SFWA member, he has written for Analog, Byte, High Frontier and Final Frontier magazines. Now that his kids are adults, he has plenty of time to write, especially since leaving his day job at a Colorado-based satellite company. Alastair continues to add to his popular T-Space series, comprising the Alpha Centauri trilogy, the Kakuloa series, and the Carson & Roberts archeology adventures.


Apollo Raven Publisher, LLC

Linnea Tanner weaves epic Celtic tales of forbidden love, mythological adventure, and political intrigue into the historical fantasy series, "Curse of Clansmen and Kings," set in Ancient Rome and Britannia. The following books in the series are available: Book 1: Apollo's Raven, Book 2: Dagger's Destiny, and Book 3: Amulet's Rapture. Linnea has extensively researched and traveled to sites described within each book. For more information, visit her website

Beckham Lawre/Synergy Books Publishing

Beckham Lawre

Rebekah Caldwell, also known by her pen name Beckham Lawre, is a teenage author from Southern Utah. She has published multiple books of varying lengths and styles, her most popular being her Action/Sci-Fi series Promises Left for Dead. She currently attends Westminster College, where she studies Creative Writing.

D.X. Varos, Ltd.

D.X. Varos is a Denver-based publisher of exquisite speculative fiction. They currently publish science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery

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