October 23-24-25, 2020

Alastair Mayer is a near-ancient British-Canadian-American who has haunted MileHiCon for decades. Before his kids sapped all his energy, he was a pilot, scuba diver, astronaut candidate, space activist, and probably other things he doesn't remember.

A SFWA member, he has written for Analog, Byte, High Frontier and Final Frontier magazines. Now that his kids are adults, he has plenty of time to write, especially since leaving his day job at a Colorado-based satellite company. Alastair continues to add to his popular T-Space series, comprising the Alpha Centauri trilogy, the Kakuloa series, and the Carson & Roberts archeology adventures.


Alex Acks is an award-winning writer and sharp-dressed sir. Angry Robot Books published their novels Hunger Makes the Wolf (winner of the 2017 Kitschies Golden Tentacle award) and Blood Binds The Pack. Murder on the Titania and Other Steam-powered Adventures was a 2019 finalist for the Colorado Book Award, and the sequel Wireless And Other Steam-powered Adventures is available from Queen of Swords Press. They’ve written for Six to Start’s Superhero Workout game and RaceLink project. Alex lives in Denver (where they bicycle and twirl their ever-so-dapper mustache) with their two furry little bastards. For more information, see http://www.alexacks.com

Angie Hodapp is the Director of Literary Development at Nelson Literary Agency. She holds an MA in English and is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute. The author of Do You Need a Literary Agent?, she loves helping authors improve their craft and business savvy.

Anita Long am both a Con Mom and actual mom. A life long Geek and Gammer Girl. I am also an artist. I have many years experience running convention panels. Member of the Klingon group " The House of Vampyr". I am a council member and second in command of the Colorado Springs, ship.

Arlen Feldman is a software engineer, entrepreneur, maker (of odd things), costumer (of dubious taste), computer book author (of the doorstop variety) and fiction writer (with several sold short stories). He is co-chair of COSine 2020 (January 17-19, 2020 in Colorado Springs). His website is cowthulu.com.


Rebekah Caldwell, also known by her pen name Beckham Lawre, is a teenage author from Southern Utah. She has published multiple books of varying lengths and styles, her most popular being her Action/Sci-Fi series Promises Left for Dead. She currently attends Westminster College, where she studies Creative Writing.

Betsy Dornbusch writes epic fantasy, and has dabbled in science fiction, thrillers, and erotica. Her short fiction has appeared in over twenty magazines and anthologies, and she’s the author of three novellas. Her first fantasy novel came out in 2012 and her latest trilogy, Books of the Seven Eyes, wrapped up with Enemy in 2017. The Silver Scar, a standalone future fantasy novel, was called “a spellbinding saga” by Publisher’s Weekly. She likes writing, reading, snowboarding, punk rock, and the Denver Broncos. Betsy and her family split their time between Boulder and Grand Lake, Colorado.


Blair Bartlett has been doing photography of one type or another since the 4th grade. After trying his hand at various different forms, he decided to stop selling his services as a photographer and instead concentrate on photography as an art form. He has been showing his work in various local convention art shows for the past 5 years, and this year has started adding other forms of art to his skills.

Blair does all his own matting, and also photographs his wife Mitzi's sculptures. In 2018 he joined with a group of fellow creatives to form the Convention Artists Guild in Colorado. Blair lives in Colorado with his lovely wife of 30+ years, Mitzi, and their feline overlords Koda and Sparo.

Bret R. Wright is a native of the Rockies, he loves the mountains, and could not wait to return to them after he retired as a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. He’s a teacher, freelance writer, author, and champion for underdogs, everywhere. He is the former "The Insider" columnist for Future's Mystery Magazine. He currently writes the Nate Jepson P.I. series, an urban noir look at the life and times of the Pacific Northwest's most unconventional private detective.

Brian D. Howard is a fiction writer specializing in superhero and LitRPG, with urban fantasy and military SF works coming down the pipe.

Carolyn Kay enjoys crossing genres, and imagining what normally inanimate objects would do if given life. She is currently collaborating with award-winning illustrator, Chaz Kemp, on the World of Ashelon, a series of novellas set in a steampunk fantasy world. When she’s not writing, she can be seen dancing with Batavia, a tribal fusion belly dance troupe, knitting or playing with her beloved cats. You can catch up on her latest shenanigans at carolynkayauthor.com.d.


Carrie Vaughn's latest novels include the post-apocalyptic murder mystery, Bannerless, winner of the Philip K. Dick Award, and its sequel, The Wild Dead. She wrote the New York Times bestselling series of novels about a werewolf named Kitty, along with several other contemporary fantasy and young adult novels, and upwards of 80 short stories, two of which have been finalists for the Hugo Award. She's a contributor to the Wild Cards series of shared world superhero books edited by George R. R. Martin and a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop. An Air Force brat, she survived her nomadic childhood and managed to put down roots in Boulder, Colorado. Visit her at www.carrievaughn.com.

Catherine Spader is a writer who has been a high-school dropout, a Grateful Dead groupie, and an ER trauma nurse. She is addicted to playing men’s ice hockey and integrates her bumps and bruises into her historical fantasy novels. She has been featured in Kirkus Reviews and Booklist and has received multiple EVVY Book Awards. Her first book, Feast of the Raven, is consistently on the Amazon bestseller list in Medieval Literature and been named a Notable Book by BlueInk Review. Catherine works as a journalist, editor, writing coach, and ghostwriter with 24 years’ experience in traditional and indie publishing.


Bram Stoker Award finalist Chaz Kemp embraces an Art Nouveau style that incorporates vibrancy and color into fantasy and steampunk art in a way that is rarely seen. As an illustrator, the influence of Alphonse Mucha is evident in his award-winning work that combines the artistic energy of the Roaring 20s with the untamed diversity of steampunk and fantasy. His current project is the steampunk/fantasy world called Ashelon, which he created with his wife and award-winning author, Carolyn Kay.

You can find his work at www.ChazKemp.com, buy the Ashelon Oracle Deck here: http://bit.ly/AshelonOracle or become his patron at: www.Patreon.com/ChazKemp

When not oppressed by his day job, Chris Barili writes all kinds of stories, and has published fantasy, science fiction, horror, western, paranormal romance, and now crime, with a noir story in this year’s inaugural print edition of Toe Six Magazine. He is author of the self-published, weird western Hell’s Butcher series, and also writes under the pen names B.T. Clearwater (Supernatural romance) and T.C. Barlow (western). He sold his first novel, a romance called Smothered, to Permuted Press in 2016, and now his first fantasy novel, Shadow Blade, has come out from WordFire Press.

A former movie critic and occasional filmmaker, Chris Ward is enthusiastic about exploring and discussing all things geeky, cinematic, fermented, and/or queer.

Born and raised in Pueblo, CO., Christopher M. Salas developed a penchant for science fiction and the paranormal from his grandmother and uncle. As a child spending time with his grandmother, Juanita, included watching Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and Buck Rogers. His uncle Augustine would tell tales at the dinner table, recounting scenes from movies he had watched, such as Dawn of the Dead or The Exorcist. This played a key role in Christopher’s predilection for horror and science fiction. Currently residing in Colorado Springs, CO., Christopher dabbles his storytelling in various genres of fiction–Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Westerns, and Steampunk. While working on various literary works, Christopher also is a scriptwriter for Themis Comix.

Craig Griswold of Creative Good Leather makes unique leather-work and sells primary at convention-based art shows in Colorado Springs and Denver. A member of the Convention Artists Guild and long-time member of various fandoms.

Owned by two cats, Adara and Taj, Dana Bell writes stories staring her fur babies often. She loves to tell tales set in places she has lived or visited, has a fascination for lighthouses, Yellowstone National Park, super volcanoes, and doll houses which have taken over her basement. Her published books include Winter Awakening and God’s Gift. Her short fiction can be found in various anthologies for SFFH and she writes romance as well. She lives in Colorado and works a day job so her cats have a warm house, food and lots of toys.


Daniel A. Willis was first published in 1996 and writes both fiction and nonfiction. His historical nonfiction explores the world as it was. His fantasies look at the world as it could be.


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