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Ian Brazee-Cannon was a storyteller from a young age, always being involved in various creative endeavors. He is a writer, filmmaker, game designer and podcaster. His first novel A Day at Georgie and Armand’s Place, the story of two gay, shape-shifting, master mage dragons who run an inter-dimensional hotel saw publication in 2019. Over two dozen of his short stories have seen publication. ‘Divided States of America,’ 'The Fifth Di...', 'Wondrous Web Worlds', 'Forgotten Worlds', 'Tales of the Talisman' and various anthologies have featured his works. He has worked on supplements for the Ephemeris RPG. He is a founder and regular co-hosts on the Amateur Skeptics podcast. Dangling Carrot Films, Running Riot Productions and Ijin Studios have made use of him as a writer, director, producer and editor on their projects.

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