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MileHiCon Literacy Auction is live now!

The 2020 MileHiCon Literacy Auction is now live on Facebook, today through convention weekend!

Check out for albums of auction items, each auction lasting 3 days. Details will be in the album descriptions. New items will be posted every 3 days!

If you don’t use Facebook and would like to be included, please send an email to to hear about the auction items and to place a bid. 

Auction items have been donated from individuals and businesses all throughout Colorado, and include collectibles from the Ed Bryant collection, rare autographed first editions, new board games, artwork by Chaz Kemp, ceramics by Melanie Unruh and Kyle Crutcher, a bundle of 31 vintage Nancy Drew books, and a huge variety of books and items in the categories of Star Trek, Star Wars, women’s empowerment, LGBT, local authors such as Stant Litore and Carol Berg, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, anime, dragons, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, humor, memoirs, uplifting and inspirational, horror, supernatural, tea time, cats, and much more!


2020 has been an unusual year, but MileHiCon is adapting! The convention is going virtual this year, as is the Literacy Auction.

 As always, all proceeds from the auction go to a designated local literacy charity. This year’s charity is the Literacy Coalition of Colorado. The Literacy Coalition of Colorado’s mission is striving to ensure that adult education is accessible to all who seek it. They support and train over 200 volunteers offer tutoring and additional instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, language, and life skills.

 The 2020 Literacy Auction will be held on the auction’s Facebook page: Search for “MileHiCon Literacy Auction”. Please feel free to share the auction posts with your friends! Beginning on October 2, each day a group of items will be listed on the Facebook page and will be open for bidding for three days. This will continue throughout the month of October until the convention on October 23.

 We are strongly encouraging local pickup/delivery, but in many cases shipping will also be an option. Shipping charges would be listed in the item description, to be added to the winning bid if the winner choose that option.

Each item or lot of items on a Facebook post will include a picture, description, potential shipping charges if applicable, estimated value, minimum bid, and quick sale price. Winning bidders will pay through our Literacy Auction’s PayPal account.  Instructions will be sent when winning be is announced.

We are still accepting donations from individuals and businesses! Currently we are partnering with local artists such as Chaz Kemp, Kat Nichols, Alicia Stover, Angel Dey, Melanie Unruh, and more. And local authors Stant Litore, Travis Heermann, Jonathan Brazee, David Boop, Richard Friesen, Ian Brazee-Cannon, and more. Enchanted Grounds will be donating several board games, and other local geek establishments will be participating with items and gift certificates as well!

Our amazing auction items include artwork, books, various Star Trek collectibles, vintage toys and games, modern pop culture collectibles, fiber art, comic books, gift certificates, board games, classic t-shirts, movie posters, handcrafted jewelry, and more.

 We’re looking forward to this year’s virtual Literacy Auction, and we hope to “see” you there!

 Literacy Auction Link

A quick selection of not even close to all the items that will be available at the auction!  Take a look at some of the items that have been donated:

 IMG 7113  IMG 7114  IMG 7215
 IMG 7087  IMG 7212  IMG 7277
 IMG 7221  IMG 7339  IMG 7343
 IMG 7174  IMG 7216  IMG 7347


Many thanks to our special donors for their generosity and support!


Park Hill Books

Dianne Hammer from Hammer Books


Enchanted Grounds 

Chaz Kemp



KaPow Comics & Coffee

The Spacement
 WestSideBooks2West Side Books

 The Read Queen



Sudden Fiction Books

Stant Litore


Colorado Festival of Horror

Richard Friesen


House VamPyr

Ian Brazee-Cannon


Fabulous Things, Fantastic Offers

Sam Knight


IKS Qup Suvwl'

Kat the Artist
Kyle Crutcher


Muse Comics & Games

Aaron Michael Ritchey
Angel Dey Becca Feiner Melanie Unruh
Carolyn Kay Jonathan Brazee Gwennie Douglas
Veronica R. Calisto Lou Berger Ian Thomas Healy

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