MHC 2020 LogoOctober 23-24-25, 2020-VIRTUAL


If you are interested in becoming a part of the MileHiCon organization and want to be on the convention committee, the positions marked below as OPEN are available.  Please send an e-mail to and let us know what position you would be interested in, what your experience is, if any, and what you feel you could contribute to the convention.  We are more than willing to train you in any open position as long as you are willing to put the time, energy and commitment into it.


Chairperson, Linda Nelson,

Anime Program Coordinator, Barb Edmunds 

Art Show & Art Auction Director, Cheryl Sundeth,

Asst. Art Show Director, Machelle Winblood-Baer

Auctioneer, Michael Burgess

Authors Row Coordinator, CeCe Thomas

ConSuite Coordinators, Robert Marshall & Nicole Simmons 

Critter Crunch & Floatilla Director, John Morse,

Database Coordinator, Sheila McClune

Dock Master, Bill Van Cleave

Fan Tables Coordinator, CeCe Thomas

Gaming Program Director, Adam Rinehart,

Green Room Coordinator, Suzanne Van Cleave

Guest Services Director, Melanie Unruh 

Hotel Liaison, Jessi Knoedler

IT Hardware Coordinator, Joel Berger

Kids/Active Track Program Coordinator, Majel Lickiss, 

Literacy Auction Director, Lorelei Suzanne,

Logistics Coordinator, Matthew Squire

Marketing & Advertising, Graham Dickson 

Masquerade (CosPlay) Director, Brandy Mixon,

Operations Director, Malinda Tegen 

Pre-Registration, Christine Childs,

Programming Director, Meg Ward,

Publications Director, Linda Nelson,

Registration Director, Ana MacDonnell 

Science Program Coordinator, Greg Hines

Security Coordinator, Alexander Wilder

Social Media Coordinator, Andrea Dehart

Sponsorship Director, Linda Nelson 

Staff Photographer, Doug Bennett

Stage Manager, Bruce Kesler

Technical Director, Ryan Lanham

Asst Technical Director, Ben Payton

Treasurer, Mindy Elswick 

Vendors Room Coordinator, Scott Clarizio,

Video Program Coordinator, Thor Thomas

Volunteer Director, Annabel Bugg,

Asst .Volunteer Director, Kat Beagles 

Web Applications Coordinator, Jyn Clarizio

Webmaster, Brenda Dryburgh,

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