MileHiCon 52 Regress Report Available

The MileHiCon 52 Regress Report–not a program book but serving some of the same functions–will be/is available for download from the con website, free of charge. This publication, as all my work on behalf of MileHiCon over the years has been, was a labor of love and certainly not done for the (non-existent) money. However, if you enjoy reading/having it, please consider making a small donation to MileHiCon via the Donate button on the home page of the website—or at the con. This year will be a tricky one financially and I for one will do whatever I can to make sure the con continues on. Hope you will too! – Rose Beetem

MHC 52 Regress Report (1)

Mile Hi Con T-Shirt Artwork!

Below is Artist Guest of Honor Rebecca Hicks’ design for the Mile Hi Con 53 T-Shirt!  You can order the T-Shirt by going to Registration.  This year, Mile Hi Con will be going back to screen printing.  People can pay online and will be able to pick up their shirt at MHC 53.  There will be a limited number of shirts available, so order now!

Mile Hi Con T-Shirt Artwork
T-Shirt Artwork