October 19, 20, 21 2018

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Jane Lindskold

Author Guest of Honor

Jane April 2015

Jane Lindskold

Since her appearance in as one of the MileHiCon Guests of Honor in 2017, Jane Lindskold’s novel Asphodel has been released. She has also had stories come out in Asimov’s and Lightspeed. Future projects abound, including several new pieces of short fiction – including one story that came to be because of a great chat about Westerns with Dave Boop and Eric Flint on Autograph Alley. Ask her about the new Firkeeeper novel: Wolf’s Search. Lindskold is also going to be writing a new Star Kingdom novel with David Weber.

Jane Lindskold is the author of twenty-five published novels, including the six volume Firekeeper Saga (beginning with Through Wolf’s Eyes), the three volume “Breaking the Wall” series (beginning with Thirteen Orphans), Child of a Rainless Year (a contemporary fantasy set in Las Vegas, New Mexico), and The Buried Pyramid (an archeological adventure fantasy set in 1880's Egypt). She has also had published nearly seventy short stories and numerous works of non-fiction.

Learn more at www.janelindskold.com

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