October 27, 28, 29 2017

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Ed Bryant Tribute

Edward Winslow Bryant Jr. (August 27, 1945 – February 10, 2017) was a great writer wit a  gentle yet ironic sense of humor, and most of all, a great friend.  We'd like to get your memories, your stories, so we can see some of Ed's many facets--or dare we say faces? Join the electronic age and email us at  and tell us:

How did you meet or know Ed?

What made you smile about Ed or his stories?

What gave you pause in his writing and made you go think in the night?

What will you always remember about Ed?

or better yet, give us a handwritten tribute--a throwback to the early age of pens and typewriters--as Ed lived through it all.  Just download the PDF--or come to Mile Hi Con and write your tribute in style. 

Print the page, send it by snail mail to Ed Bryant Tribute, 3205 West Kentucky Ave, Denver CO 80219 

Blind Submission

A Live 'Slush' Pile

Want some immediate feedback on how several editors react to your work? Here's your chance.

For this program, there will be a panel of editors as well as a designated reader. The reader will begin reading a submitted piece. If, during the reading, three editors on the panel raise their hand to signal they would stop at this point and reject the manuscript, the reader will stop and the editors explain what would make them reject the piece. The editors who didn't raise their hands can explain why they were willing to keep reading. If the reader reaches the end of the submission without three editors rejecting it, the panel will talk about what they liked (or disliked), and the author is given a chance to stand and be recognized and celebrated by the room.

If you would like to submit your work for the panel, send the first page of your unpublished short story or novel (about 250 words) as a Word document to by September 30th. Include your name and the genre you consider your piece to fall in -- e.g., science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk/weird western, young adult.

Note: There will definitely be one Blind Submission panel. However, depending on the amount of interest and number of submissions, more than one session may be scheduled. In that case, the different sessions will cover different genres. Time permitting, additional submissions may be accepted at the panel(s).

Special Events

We'll highlight various special panels or events as they're finalized leading up to the convention. 


Blind Submission Panel  

SF Poetry Slam

Join us Saturday night for an SF Poetry Slam. You have two options to compete: a pre-prepared poem beginning with the line "A hundred years from now..." or the improv division where you will receive your opening line shortly before you go on-stage. Either way, you're sure to hear some interesting and thought-provoking poetry.

Speed Friending

Kick off the convention Friday evening with a speed round of friend-making. It's your chance to quickly meet people and find out who might share your geeky loves and be good convention company.

Project Runway: Paper & Foil

Like Tim Gunn says, "Make It Work!" Create your best outfit from paper, foil, and various fasteners and compete to see who's got their pulse on the future of fashion.

Wear your most fannishly beautiful, funniest, most obscure, historic, or graphically amazing t-shirt. Impress our GoHs or other secret judges and receive raffle tickets for a chance to add a new shirt to your closet from the Ed Bryant collection.

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