October 27, 28, 29 2017

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This year's trophies!

Critter trophies 1critter trophies 2


Here’s your chance to show what that gray matter upstairs can do. For years now you’ve watched and said, I can make a better critter than that. Well, now’s the year to show everyone you’re not all hot air. Start working on that critter NOW!!!

Here’s all you have to do: 

1) Read and follow the rules.. There may be some changes to the rules, so read them closely.

2) Build your critter. Your critter will be evaluated prior to the competition to assure that it stays within all the specifications listed in the rules. Arrive at least an hour early.

3) Register online at https://milehicon49.planningpod.com/ or you can register at the door. 

Entry fees may be paid at the door; however, they will increase and there is no guarantee that space will be available in the competition line-up. Again, arrive early.

4) Be at MileHiCon 49 on October 29, 2017. You must check-in at the MileHiCon registration desk to complete your entry forms and receive your competitor ribbons. Again, arrive early.

5) Compete, have fun, and win original trophies.  

PLEASE NOTE: Entering the Critter Crunch does not entitle you to a full MileHiCon membership.Your entrance fee only entitles you and two assistants to enter the competition. It does not allow you to attend the rest of the convention. If you want to attend the rest of the convention, you will have to purchase your membership at the registration desk at participant/speaker rates. Family and/or friends who only want to watch the competition must purchase at least a Sunday convention membership.

For more information contact John Morse at 


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