October 27, 28, 29 2017

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Ed Bryant Tribute

Edward Winslow Bryant Jr. (August 27, 1945 – February 10, 2017) was a great writer wit a  gentle yet ironic sense of humor, and most of all, a great friend.  We'd like to get your memories, your stories, so we can see some of Ed's many facets--or dare we say faces? Join the electronic age and email us at  and tell us:

How did you meet or know Ed?

What made you smile about Ed or his stories?

What gave you pause in his writing and made you go think in the night?

What will you always remember about Ed?

or better yet, give us a handwritten tribute--a throwback to the early age of pens and typewriters--as Ed lived through it all.  Just download the PDF--or come to Mile Hi Con and write your tribute in style. 

Print the page, send it by snail mail to Ed Bryant Tribute, 3205 West Kentucky Ave, Denver CO 80219 

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