October 27, 28, 29 2017

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MileHiCon 49 - Guests of Honor

Jane Lindskold
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Eric Flint
Author Guest of HonorRead more ...
Carrie Ann Baade
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Jason Heller
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How to buy Art

Art on display in the Art Show (Grand Mesa F) is for sale, except for pieces with “NFS“ on the bid sheet.

The show is divided into two sections: The Print Shop and displayed art. Print Shop pieces are not displayed on panels, and are simply for sale at the marked price. Take the piece to the Art Show desk and pay for it.

Displayed art may be purchased by Quick Sale, voice auction or written bid. Each piece may have two prices: “Minimum Bid” and a “Quick Sale” price. If there is no Quick Sale price, it is only available via auction.

Quick Sale Buying

Artworks with a Quick Sale price may be purchased instantly if no bids have been placed. Just bring the bid sheet to the desk, pay, and it’s yours. Please leave it on display until the auction ends. Once a piece has a written bid, it can no longer be sold by Quick Sale.

Auction Bidding

Bids must be whole dollar amounts. Just fill in your badge number, name, and the amount you are offering.

The first bid on a piece must be at least the minimum bid. It may be more. Each bid thereafter must be greater than the previous bid.

If there are fewer than three written bids on a piece, it goes to the highest bidder. Three or more written bids send a piece to the voice auction.

Pieces at the voice auction go to the highest bidder. If there are no voice bids at the auction, the piece goes to the highest written bid. If you cannot attend the auction but want to bid on a piece, see the Art Show staff.

When you bid, in writing or at auction, you agree to buy the piece for that price. Bids are final and binding.

Purchased artworks may be picked up as the auction closes on that item. If you need to pick up your art before then, or cannot pick up your art before 4pm Sunday, see the Art Show staff. Packing and shipping is available. Cash, checks, MC, VISA accepted.

MileHiCon is proud to host the largest science fiction and fantasy art show in Colorado. Last year was another great show and we anticipate the show will be even better this year. 

Display panels will be 4’ x 4’ and tables will be 1.5’ x 6’. 

Download the Artist Information Sheet

Download the Art Control Sheet

Download the Print Shop Control Sheet

This year's Displaying Artists

How to Buy Art

Contact Art Show Director at  for more information on the art show.


This Year's Artists



Alternate Realities


Carrie Ann Baade


Mitzi Bartlett


Gail Barton


Kathy Bodnar


Peri Charlifu


Alan M Clark


Sarah Clemens


Gwynne Cox


Kyle Crutcher


Sandy Diersing


Craig Griswold


Robert Hay


Rubiee Tallyn Hayes


Storm Hortman


Jim Humble


Alan R Jones


Joey Jordan


Jane Labie


Lubov Yegudin


David Magoun


Theresa Mather


Sheila McClune


Betsy Mott


Arden Ellen Nixon


Palmer Originals


David Lee Pancake


Beverly Dawn Pfeifer


Robert Pfeifer


Patty Pietu


April Robinson


Mark Roland


Grace Spengler


Melanie Unruh


AB Word


Revive Gifts


Ed Post


Sonya Shannon


Selena Mayer

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